Major Reform for Estonian Film Agency


    TALLINN: The Estonian Film Foundation, the nation’s public film financing vehicle established in 1997, has entered a period of major reforms which will broaden the agency’s scope, while awaiting the appointment of a new director.

    The body, which was renamed the Estonian Film Institute by the decree of Estonia’s minister of culture Rein Lang in December 2012, has been given new statutes and tasks which include international film distribution and management of the national audiovisual heritage.

    The minister also appointed a new seven-member governing council for the Institute which will oversee strategic management and select a new director by the end of March. The new director will then appoint a “chief producer” who will be the key person making financing decisions. The governing council includes no film-makers, which has caused some concern.

    There is as yet no word on who might be appointed as the new head and producer of the Institute. The current director, Marge Liiske, will be recalled and has stated that she will not run for the new position.

    The budget of the Estonian Film Institute for 2013 is just over 4 m EUR, most of it going to film production.