Estonian Film Institute appoints new management

    Estonian Film Institute appoints new management Edith Sepp, photo Tanel Meos

    TALLINN: The board of the Estonian Film Insitute , the country’s main film financing body, has appointed new management.  Edith Sepp-Dallas will assume the post of general director, while Piret Tibbo-Hudgins will become the chief producer responsible for reviewing financing applications.

    The two appointments came as the final step in the major overhaul of the body that was formerly called the Estonian Film Foundation. The reorganised Film Institute will add some new tasks to its slate, including film heritage and marketing.  Seep replaces the much respected former head of the Estonian Film Foundation, Marge Liiske, who has played a key role in the Estonian film industry over the past few years.

    Edith Sepp was educated at Lodz Film School in Poland and has worked extensively in the UK. Sepp served as an advisor on cinema at the Estonian Ministry of Culture for the last few years. Tibbo is a prolific producer with several features to her name, the most recent, Mushrooming by Toomas Hussar, reaching Estonia’s TOP10 at the box office in 2012.