Zero.Point Tops Estonian Box Office in Opening Weekend

    Zero.Point by Mihkel Ulk Zero.Point by Mihkel Ulk credit: Allfilm

    TALLINN: Zero.Point, the debut feature by Estonian director Mihkel Ulk, scored an impressive opening weekend with 9,581 viewers.

    The teenage drama of a troubled boy in a new school is based on a bestselling novel by the same name from Margus Karu. The opening weekend numbers are some of the best for any Estonian film over the last decade.

    The box office take from the opening weekend was 48,630 EUR. Zero.Point is produced by Allfilm and budgeted at approximately 250,000 EUR, the bulk of it coming from the Estonian Public Broadcaster and the production company, with the Estonian Film Institute contributing development, distribution and marketing support.

    The content is coming out on multiple platforms, with a TV mini-series following the cinema premiere, as well as an app for tablet and smartphones.

    Production information:
    Saue 11
    Tallinn 10612, Estonia
    Ph.: +372 672 9070
    Fax: +372 672 9071
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Original title: Null.Punkt
    Director: Mihkel Ulk
    Script: Margit Keerdo-Dawson
    Cinematography: Mihkel Soe, ESC
    Production designer: Sirly Oder
    Costumes: Kristiina Ago
    Composer: Janek Murd
    Sound: Ranno Tislar, Valter Jakovlev
    Editing: Margo Siimon, Hendrik Mägar
    Producer: Evelin Soosaar-Penttilä
    Production company: Allfilm (Est)

    Principal cast:
    Märt Pius, Epp Eespäev, Saara Kadak, Linda Kolde, Hendrik Kalmet,
    Length: 114 min
    Genre: drama
    Language: Estonian
    Premiered 4 December 2014