GRANTS: Estonia’s First Feature Production Grants in 2015


    TALLINN: The Estonian Film Institute has announced its first feature film production grants for 2015. The support goes to Toomas Hussar’s Spy and Poet, produced by Allfilm in co-production with Croatia’s Nukleus Film and Triin Ruumet’s debut feature The Days that Confused (working title), produced by Kinosaurus Film.

    The grant for Spy and Poet is 389,000 euros out of its total budget of 890,000 euros. The Days that Confused is receiving 260,400 euros out of its total budget of 520,000 euros.

    Hussar’s second feature following the box office and festival success of Mushrooming, mixes spy and love storylines in a tragicomedy featuring Jan Uuspõld and Rain Tolk in leading roles. Ruumet’s debut feature is a coming-of-age piece set in the 90’s, with Hendrik Toompere jr jr taking the lead role.

    The Estonian Film Institute also issued a letter of commitment for funding to Apothecary Melchior and the Secret of Oleviste Church, a medieval spy story based on the popular novel by Indrek Hargla. EFI commits 450,000 euros to the total planned budget of 1.9 million euros, a record for an Estonian live action feature.

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    Source: Estonian Film Institute