Estonia Announces First Call for New Cash Rebate


    TALLINN: Estonian Film Institute opened the first call for applications to the country’s new cash rebate fund FilmEstonia. The 600,000 EUR budget for the pilot year is set to grow to 2 m EUR in 2017.

    FilmEstonia has set minimum eligible production budgets at 1 m EUR for feature films and 2 m EUR for long animated features. The other formats’ minimum required budgets fall between 200,000 and 500,000 EUR. Refund rate will range between 20-30% of local spend, depending on the share of involvement of local talent. Payments from the fund will only be made after the shooting is finished and the expenses audited.

    There will be four application rounds in 2016 with deadlines on 9 February, 29 March, 24 May and 8 November. The results will be announced within one month of each deadline.

    The FilmEstonia fund aims to attract foreign film and TV producers who can apply through Estonian-registered cooperation partners. The fund will support production and coproduction for features, long and short animation, animation series, quality TV drama series and documentaries.