PRODUCTION: Rene Vilbre in Production with Class Reunion 2


    TALLINN: Estonian director Rene Vilbre is currently shooting the Estonian version of the feature film Class Reunion 2: Wedding and Funeral, a sequel to Class Reunion, which had almost 190,000 admissions in 2016 and became the most viewed film of the independence era in Estonia.

    Just as Class Reunion, the sequel is also based on a Danish film, The Reunion 2: The Funeral / Klassefesten 2: Begravelsen (2014), directed by Mikkel Serup. Class Reunion 2 stars popular actors Mait Malmsten and Ago Anderson as well as the well-known rap singer and TV host Genka.

    The Estonian adaptation is written by Martin Algus and produced by Kristian Taska and Evelin Soosaar-Penttilä through Taska Film. Tomas Radoor, Rene Ezra from Denmark’s Nordisk Film and Ilkka Matila from Finland’s MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy are executive producers.

    “It just seems that everything works in that screenplay,” producer Kristian Taska told FNE. “With the addition of a nice Estonian trio of actors, we were able to make this story very much our own. Comedy is a very difficult genre, but I guess Danes are just very talented in film, in art house as well as in comedy”, Taska also said.

    Kristian Taska is the producer behind the top four most watched films of newly independent Estonia - Names in Marble (2002) directed by Elmo Nüganen, 1944 (2015) directed by Elmo Nüganen, Class Reunion (2016) directed by Rene Vilbreand and The Dissidents (2017) directed by Jaak Kilmi. “If Class Reunion 2 helps us secure all top five positions, there will definitely also be Class Reunion 3,” Taska said.

    The film’s budget of 450,000 EUR is partially supported by the Estonian Film Institute and the Viasat owned commercial channel TV3.

    Shooting started on 16 July 2017 and the film is set to have its domestic premiere in February 2018.

    Vaata Filmi, the distributor with the largest market share in Estonia, is responsible for the marketing and the distribution of the film.

    Production Information:
    Taska Film
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    Director: Rene Vilbre
    DoP: Mihkel Soe
    Cast: Mait Malmsten, Ago Anderson, Genka