GRANTS: Cultural Endowment of Estonia Announces Third Round of Grants for 2017


    TALLINN: The audiovisual endowment of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia allotted 243,115 EUR for film development and production in its third session of 2017.

    The Last Ones / Viimased, the fifth feature film by the award-winning Estonian writer-director Veiko Õunpuu, produced by Homeless Bob Production, received the largest grant – 100,000 EUR of production support, followed by development grants for Andrus Tuisk's Beyond the Forest / Metsavend, Filmivabrik, with 10,000 EUR and Lauri Randla's Good Bye Soviet Union / Nägemiseni NSVL, Exitfilm, with 9,000 EUR.

    The Cultural Endowment also gave grants to the production of five documentaries and development of a further six documentaries, post-production of two shorts, production of an animated short and development of two animated shorts.

    Click HERE for the full list of grants.