GRANTS: Estonia Announces First Ever Development Grants for TV Miniseries


    TALLINN: The Estonian Film Institute has allotted 40,000 EUR in its first ever round for TV-miniseries development, and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia has allotted seven production grants in the amount of 273,800 EUR in its second round of 2018.

    Two TV miniseries received grants of 20,000 EUR each. The Deep, written by Lauri Lippmaa, Nigel Smith, Alexia Fernandez and Paul Cahill, is a crime drama billed as Baltic noir combining a murder investigation with the problems of the e-society. Allfilm, coproducing with Sweden's Bright Pictures and Germany's Kick Film, received funding for the development of the 10-episode, 60-minute series. The Secret Society of Souptown and Cucumber Mafia is a spinoff of a successful children's film, also focusing on the modern dependency on technology alongside a detective story. Screenwriters Andris Feldmanis, Livia Ulman, Helen Takkin and Oskar Lehemaa join forces to create the 8-episode, 28-minute children's adventure series produced by Nafta Films and coproduced by Finland's Solar Films.

    The Cultural Endowment of Estonia supported two full-length animations, three international coproductions and two Estonian features in its second round of 2018.

    Click HERE for the full list of grants.