FNE at Baltic Event Tallinn 2019: FNE Teams Up with Baltic Event to Promote Innovation


    TALLINN: FNE teamed up with the Baltic Event in Tallinn this year to promote innovation and let film professionals what tools are on offer on the Film New Europe web portal to help them meet the challenges of connecting with audiences in the digital age.

    One of the most important events this year in Tallinn was the new VR workshop sponsored by Film New Europe. The VR workshop kicked off with a power point supported presentation by Anna Franklin of FNE’s Audiovisual Innovation project and how this is an important tool for all those working with innovative new tools for the film industry. Participants worked together over two days to make a VR film. The aim of the event was to give participants a chance to participate in a VR  hackathon rather than to produce a finished film. You can check out the results HERE LINK to the VR film (open with Google Chrome Browser).

    The Film New Europe project was also promoted at the Baltic Event annual dinner attended by several hundred film professionals where Baltic Event helmer Marge Liiske thanked FNE for its ongoing support.