Consortium launches animation website


    A six-member international consortium including the Estonian CinemaBus team has launched the first comprehensive online animation teaching site for use in schools and by amateurs.

    Available free of charge, "Teaching with Animation" or TWA is considered the first of its kind to offer a thorough introduction to animation through history, theory, technical instructions and sample exercises, as well as methodology for teachers.

    Financed by the European Union's Lenoardo da Vinci programme and headed by the Danish-based Animation Workshop, the animation website was created by a consortium including Estonian, Spanish, Portuguese, British and Danish partners. The tool is targeted primarily at school teachers for use in audiovisual studies in school progammes from early years on. The site focuses on the basics of animation, making it accessible to anyone with even the most basic equipment.

    The site is designed as a work-in-progress, with all interested parties invited to contribute to the content through the intermediation of the consortium.

    "Teaching with Animation" will soon be available in the consortium parties' languages of English, Danish, Estonian, Spanish and Portuguese. The creative team presented the project to a wider public during the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn earlier this month, and is urging all international animation makers to help create their own language versions of the application.

    "Teaching with Animation" is available at http://www.animwork.dk/twa