Estonia supports film market

By FNE Staff

    The Estonian foreign ministry has started its support for a film market taking place under the banner of the Black Nights Film Festival ( www.2010poff.ee ), November 19-December 5), with the title "Black Market."

    In a report in The Baltic Course, foreign minister Urmas Paet stated, "The film market will be a suitable place for the Foreign Ministry's development co-operation partners, for example Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, as well as other Eastern European, Southern Caucasian and Central Asian nations to have an opportunity to introduce their film productions more widely. For this reason the Foreign Ministry decided to provide support for the organisation of the event."

    Paet was speaking with festival director Tiina Lokk. The two also discussed the upcoming European Film Awards (www.europeanfilmacademy.org), which will be held in Tallinn on December 4.