Iron Sky Sequel Succeeds With Crowdfunded Script

    Iron Sky II is budgeted at 11.2 million EUR. Iron Sky II is budgeted at 11.2 million EUR.

    The team behind crowdfunding pioneer Iron Sky has announced they have raised more than 139,000 EUR via the same source, using IndieGoGo, to develop Moon Nazi sequel Iron Sky II – The Coming Race, scheduled to start production in early 2015.

    Finnish producer Tero Kaukomaa and director Timo Vuorensola, partners at production company Blind Spot Pictures  have said they expect to complete the script for the sci-fi comedy by the end of 2014. The duo, who tour the world lecturing on crowdfunding, have begun doling out prizes to contributors including videos, T-shirts, DVDs, input on the script and film credits.

    Iron Sky cost some 7.5 million EUR, an ambitious budget for an indie project based on the off-the-wall premise that Nazis who escaped to the Moon at the end of WWII could return to attack the earth. The joke-filled film managed to cast German actor Udo Kier and New Zealand actress Stephanie Paul, eventually earning 183,000 domestic admissions with sales to more than 60 territories.

    The online funding campaign for Iron Sky II, budgeted at 11.2 million EUR, ran 57 days and was for script development and promotion; further fund drives are hoped to produce much of the shooting and post-production revenue.