PRODUCTION: Kätilö finishes filming in Lithuania


    VILNIUS: Popular Finnish director Antti J. Jokinen is shooting the feature film Kätilö (Wildeye) in Vilnius, Lithuania. The director is known for his work on The Resident (2011), Puhdistus (2012) and Nightwish: End of an Era (2006).

    Kätilö is a romance-drama set during WWII in Finland’s Lapland province, a major European battle ground of the war. Based on Katja Kettu’s bestselling novel, Kätilö is the story of a love affair between a Lapp midwife and a Nazi SS officer set against the backdrop of the Lapland War, which pitted the Finnish army against the Germany army in 1944-45. The themes in the story are international, dealing with conquering love and war, and the class boundaries that are broken down. 

    The film stars actors Krista Kosonen, Tommi Korpela, and Lauri Tilkanen. 

    Kätilö is produced by the Finnish production company Solar Films with leading producers Markus Selin and Jukka Helle, and the Lithuanian production company Nordic Productions.

    The filming started at the end of May in Vilnius and was completed on 15 June, 2014.

    Post-production will be completed in spring 2015.

    Production information:

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    UAB Nordic productions

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