Georgia Joins Eurimages

By FNE Staff

    TBILISI: Georgia has become the newest member of Eurimages, making coproduction projects involving a coproducer from Georgia eligible to be submitted to Eurimages for grants.

    As Georgia does not have access to the support mechanisms of the EU's MEDIA Programme, distributors from Georgia can apply for support from Eurimages. Exhibitors from Georgia are also eligible for Eurimages programmes of support for theatres (exhibition and digital equipment).

    Speaking with FNE regarding the news, Tamara Tatishvili, director of the Georgian National Film Center (www.gnfc.ge), said, "Joining EURIMAGES is a major cultural breakthrough for our filmmakers. As a country of a rich cinema history, Georgia is now mobilizing its cinematic capacity. New talents are emerging, and international cooperation is crucially important for making their voices heard. Eurimages membership puts them into the European film scene and promises strong multicultural cooperation.

    "There is also huge economic benefit for Georgian filmmakers; as a non EU country, Georgia lacks partners who could invest into Georgian films. Financing options of Georgian filmmakers are limited. In coming years, Eurimages could be an instrumental institution supporting coproductions with Georgia, thus also contributing to their international visibility," she added.

    Tatishvili thanked the Eurimages Secretariat and particularly Jobst Plog, President, and Roberto Olla, Executive Director, for their support. She noted that major interest in coproductions is coming froming Germany, France, Turkey, Russia, and Spain, but expected that field to widen with the Eurimages membership.

    Contact Information:

    Georgian National Film Center

    Str. Z. Gamsakhurdia Sanapiro #4.

    Tbilisi, Georgia 0105

    Tel: 00 995 322 999 200