FNE at Berlinale 2014: FORUM: Blind Dates

    Blind Dates by Levan Koguashvili Blind Dates by Levan Koguashvili

    BERLIN: Levan Koguashvili made his feature debut with Street Days which was a hit on the festival circuit. With the accomplished Blind Dates he stakes his claim as perhaps the hottest of Georgia’s new generation of young directors.


    The story is told with irony and comedy

    Sandro played by Andro Sakvarelidze is a high school history teacher in his forties who still lives with his parents played with comic skill by Kakhi Kavadze and Marina Kartsivadze who constantly nag him about not being married yet.

    His friend Iva played by Archil Kikodze is the high school football coach. Iva convinces singleton Sandro to go on a blind date with a couple of women. Sandro agrees to go but only Sandro’s date, Lali played by Marika Antadze, shows up.

    Having failed to click on the blind date a few days later Sandro goes on a trip to the Black Sea with Iva. There they meet one of Iva’s students who is visiting the seaside with her mother Manana played by the beautiful Ia Sukhitashvili.   Sandro and Manana fall in love but unfortunately Manana is already married although her husband Tengo played Vakhtang Chachanidze by is in jail.   Things get complicated when the violent and jealous Tengo is released.

    Sandro goes with Manana to pick Tengo up at the prison.   Not realizing that Sandro is having and affair with his wife Tengo hires Sandro to be his driver for the day.   Together they go off to meet Tengo’s mistress Nadia played by Sopho Gvritishvili. Nadia is pregnant with Tengo’s child and when Sandro moves Nadia into his parent’s home they assume their son is the father. From here the plot thickens into absurd comedy that Koguashvili handles with just the right touch of sadness and laughter.

    Visually the film has a great look with a good feel for space, architecture and city environments. Koguashvili handles his characters with charm and warmth. This is a film that follows in the best traditions of Georgian cinematic tradition but with a totally modern approach from the younger generation.


    Director: Levan Koguashvili

    Cast: Andro Sakhvarelidze, Ia Sukhitashvili, Archil Kikodze

    Produced by Kino Iberica and Millimeter Film

    Supported by Georgian National Film Center www.gnfc.ge

    Sales: Films Boutique