GRANTS: Georgian Animation Grants Announced


    TBILISI: The Georgian National Film Fund (GNFC) has announced the winners of the competition for grants national development finance for animated short films. GNFC allotted 10,568EUR/25,000GEL for five out of six applicants.

    The projects were rated by points as follows:

    1. Fisherman and the Girl (Applicant: LC 20 Steps Productions, 20steps.ge, Director: Vladimir Katcharava, Screenplay: Mamuka Tkeshelashvili). 110 points.
    2. The Last Man (Applicant: GF Studio, Director: Kakhaber Kaflanishvili, Screenplay: Alexander Kiladze) - 106 points.
    3. Hermit (Applicant: LLC Lira Production, Director: Lali Kiknavelidze, Screenplay: David Kiknavelidze, Lali Kiknavelidze). 106 points.
    4. Looking Twist (Applicant: Studio telepesti, Director: Levan Toronjadze, Screenplay: Amiran Isiani). 98 points.
    5. Countless (Applicant: NGO Studio televiziri, Director: Nodar Begiashvili, Screenplay: Nodar Begiashvili). 95 points.
    6. Reaching Out to the Luster (Applicant: G - F - M Studio, gfmstudio.com. Director: George Kharebava, Screenplay: Otar Pertakhia). 94 points.

     Georgian National Film Center of the expert committee's recommendation will fund projects in the first five places.

    1. Fisherman and the Girl - 2,875EUR/6,800GEL
    2. The Last Man - 2169EUR/5,130GEL
    3. Hermit - 2,536EUR/6,000GEL
    4. Looking Twist - 2,143EUR/5,070GEL
    5. Countless - 845EUR/2,000GEL

    The grants table is HERE