Increase in Total Admissions and Drop in Domestic Admissions in Georgia in 2016

    The Summer of Frozen Fountains by Vano Burduli The Summer of Frozen Fountains by Vano Burduli

    TBILISI: Total admissions increased by 59.74 percent and total gross increased by 46.35 percent, while attendance to domestic films dropped by 85.78 in 2016. This can be explained by the fact that the number of international titles continued to increase, while domestic films dropped from nineteen in 2015 to ten in 2016.

    According to the Georgian National Film Centre, total admissions increased from 719,705 in 2015 to 1,149,668 in 2016, while total gross increased from 2,305,901 EUR / 6,653,274 GEL in 2015 to 3,374,806 EUR / 9,737,881 GEL in 2016.

    Domestic films' admissions dropped from 31,666 in 2015 to 4,506 in 2016. Domestic box office dropped by 73.55 percent from 95,413 EUR / 275,299 GEL in 2015 to 13,134 EUR / 36,430 GEL in 2016.

    A total of 198 films were distributed in Georgia in 2016, of which 10 were domestic films, compared to 106 films distributed in 2015, of which 19 were domestic films.

    The most successful Georgian films in cinemas in 2016 were: Moira, directed by Levan Tutberudze and produced by CINE-TECH, with 2,983 admissions, The Summer of Frozen Fountains, directed by Vano Burduli and produced by 29+7, with 925 admissions, and Brother, directed by Teona Mgvdeladze-Grenade and produced by MPM Film (France), CINE-TECH (Georgia), Millimetrfilm (Georgia), with 245 admissions.

    The 2016 admissions top ten is topped by The Jungle Book with 49,380 admissions, followed by Suicide Squad (38,814 admissions), Zootopia (32,805 admissions) and Deadpool (31,651 admissions).