PRODUCTION: George Ovashvili Develops Two New Feature Films

    George Ovashvili George Ovashvili

    TBILISI: The acclaimed Georgian director George Ovashvili is working on two new feature films – Beautiful Elene, with preproduction set for the summer of 2019 and production for September 2019, and The Moon Is a Father of Mine, with preproduction set for the autumn of 2019 and shooting for the winter of 2020.

    Both films are produced by Georgia’s Wagonnet films and for both of them Ovashvili is working on the script with Dutch screenwriter Roelof Jan Minneboo, with whom he worked on Corn Island (2014) and Khibula (2017).

    Beautiful Elene is a low budget drama about a young Georgian woman, who returns to her country after five years of studying in New York. She tries to find not just her own place in the society, but also to find herself. 

    The budget of 150,000 EUR will hopefully be partially covered by a grant from the Adjara Regional Fund. Shooting will take place in Georgia in the summer of 2019.

    The Moon Is a Father of Mine is set in 1991, shortly after Georgia announced its independence. A general amnesty is announced and an ex forest guard is released after spending 10 years in prison for killing a villager poacher. He tries to reconnect with his 12-years-old son by taking him hunting.

    “I have always wanted to talk about the relations between fathers and children, to look into this phenomenon that is often called an invisible connection between people. What is this connection and why is it often so deep and so solid? We are born with this irrational, unconscious connection and in a way it determines our entire life”, George Ovashvili said in a statement.

    The film will be a Georgian/French/Hungarian/German coproduction between Wagonnet films (where Ovashvili is co-founder), Arizona Productions, Focus Fox and 42Film. The international crew will include traditional collaborators of George Ovashvili, such as the Hungarian DoP Elemér Ragályi, the Souh Korean editor Sun-min Kim, the German/Mongolian art director Agi Ariunsaichan Dawaachu and the Israeli composer Iosif Bardanashvili.

    The project has an estimated budget of 1 m EUR and it has already applied for a production grant to the Georgian National Film Center, representatives of Wagonnet films told FNE.

    The premieres of the films are set for 2020 and 2021, respectively.

    Production Information:

    Beautiful Elene

    Wagonnet films (Georgia)
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    Director: George Ovashvili
    Scriptwriters: George Ovashvili, Roelof Jan Minneboo

    The Moon Is a Father of Mine

    Wagonnet films (Georgia)

    Arizona Productions (France)
    Focus Fox (Hungary)
    42Film (Germany)

    Director: George Ovashvili
    Scriptwriters: George Ovashvili, Roelof Jan Minneboo
    DoP: Elemér Ragályi
    Editor: Sun-min Kim
    Production design: Agi Ariunsaichan Dawaachu
    Music: Iosif Bardanashvili