PRODUCTION: Stanislav Kapralov in Postproduction with Horror Film Shot in Georgia

    Let it Snow by Stanislav Kapralov Let it Snow by Stanislav Kapralov

    TBILISI: Ukrainian/ American director Stanislav Kapralov is in postproduction with the horror film Let It Snow, which he shot in the Georgian Gudauri Mountains in the winter of 2019. The film serviced by the Georgian company FX Film was shot as part of the Film In Georgia programme benefitting from Georgia’s cash rebate system.

    "It would be difficult to work and move in the snowy mountains with a large team, so our team was quite small - about 20 people from Ukraine and Georgia. The Georgian service company FX Film and the local producer Maria Moskalenko helped us a lot in our work in these heavy weather conditions," Oleksandra Mykolyshyn, Marketing Producer of Solar Media Entertainment, told FNE.

    As Mia and Max visit a remote European resort for a snowboarding vacation, they ignore the receptionist’s disturbing tales of unexplained deaths on the nearby trails. But when they sneak onto a forbidden slope, Max goes missing and Mia finds herself attacked by a masked snowmobiler. Ivanna Sakhno, Alex Hafner and Tinatin Dalakishvili are playing the main parts.

    Let It Snow is a Ukrainian majority coproduction produced by Serge Lavrenyuk from Solar Media Entertainment in coproduction with Fish/Corb Films, a company based in Barcelona, Spain and Los Angeles. Stanislav Kapralov is also a co-producer. Marianna Novikova is executive producing from Solar Media Entertainment, and Yan Fisher and Roger Corbi are executive producing from Fish/Corb Films.

    Lionsgate will release the film on 22 September 2020. 

    “We hope that Georgia will continue to gain the status of the most desirable location in Eastern Europe in a similar pace, and that more successful projects will be included in our portfolio,” Tatia Bidzinashvili, Head of the Film in Georgia programme told FNE. Foreign projects shooting in Georgia benefit from cash rebates ranging from 20% to 25%.