PRODUCTION: Misho Antadze in Postproduction with Doc about Stalin and Guilt

    Ozymandias by Misho Antadze Ozymandias by Misho Antadze

    TBILISI: Georgian director Misho Antadze is currently in postproduction with the documentary Ozymandias. Seventy years after his death, the statues of Stalin still populate the Georgian landscape. Looking and listening for geopolitics past and present in everyday life, Ozymandias is an attempt at confronting the invisible forces of history.

    „How can we confront history by looking and listening to the present? This question has been on my mind for several years now, and Ozymandias is a result of that thinking. The project is not just about Stalin and his statues, but about the unacknowledged historical guilt and the ways it shows itself in the landscape. The film is a journey through this landscape. It looks at things that we, as a society, have become indifferent to“, Misho Antadze told FNE.

    Giorgi Kobalia is producing through the Georgian company Terra Incognita Films. The development of the project was supported by the Netherlands Film Academy through the Artistic Research In and Through Cinema programme. The total budget is 105,000 EUR / 362, 250 GEL.

    „10, 000 EUR of the budget is an investment from the Netherlands Film Academy, approximately 45,000 EUR is self-financing, which includes both technical equipment as well as cash contributions and creative group deferments”, Giorgi Kobalia told FNE. As they already have the rough-cut, he is looking for another 40,000 EUR for the sound postproduction and the color correction.

    Filming took place throughout Georgia in the autumn of 2019. The date of the premiere is still unknown as it depends on festival selections.

    Born in Tbilisi in 1993, Misho Antadze studied Film and Video at CalArts in Los Angeles, where he finished the long documentary The Many Faces of Comrade Gelovani (2014). He worked as an editor and a translator before moving back to Georgia in 2017, where he made the long documentary The Harvest (2019). He currently works as a researcher at Master of Film / Artistic Research in and through Cinema at the Netherlands Film Academy.

    Production Information:

    Terra Incognita Films (Georgia)
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    Director: Misho Antadze 
    DoP: Alexander Girav
    Editor: Sabine Groenewegen