FESTIVALS: First Edition of Mestia ISAMFF Announces Lineup


    MESTIA: A total of 24 titles have been selected for the short film competition of the inaugural edition of the Mestia International Short and Mountain Film Festival, which will take place in person from 15 to 19 September 2021. This is the first festival of this kind to be held in Georgia.

    "Of the 2,390 submitted films, we have shortlisted 37 to make up two competition sections: shorts and mountain-themed. Our international jury will choose winners in five categories: Best Short, Best Mountain-Themed Film, Best Score, Best Production Design, and Best Film. The Award for Best Mountain-Themed Film will hold the name of the legendary Georgian athlete Mikheil Khergiani", festival director Khatuna Khundadze told FNE.

    The festival was founded by the Mestia Centre of Culture and Arts NNLE and filmmaker/producer Khatuna Khundadze. It is supported by the Mestia Municipality, Solo, GPC, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia. The list of partners includes the Georgian Film Studio, the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art, the National Archives, Goethe Institut and the Mildiani Family Winery.

    "It was not possible to invite many guests, because Georgia is in the red zone, so the festival will be held with fewer guests and in accordance with all regulations that are adopted in Georgia. Sadly, the Georgian traditional closing reception will not be held", Khundadze also said.

    International Short Film Competition:

    Kakhetian Train (Georgia)
    Directed by Lali Kiknavelidze

    Coffee Place (South Korea)
    Directed by Soo-min Park

    Beautiful Weather (Turkey, Germany)
    Directed by Okan Akgun

    Fire Extinguisher (Spain)
    Directed by Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado

    Golden Minutes (Lithuania)
    Directed by Saulius Baradinskas

    Life in Three Voices (USA)
    Directed by Marina Kaganova, Leo Decristoforo

    Shadow Play (Hong Kong)
    Directed by Au Yeung Chun Ho

    Brushes and Branches (South Korea)
    Directed by Komeil Soheili

    My Black Heart (Armenia)
    Directed by Garush Ghazaryan

    The Machine (Morocco)
    Directed by Oussama Lamharzi Alaoui

    Meow (Russia)
    Directed by Vasily Sherbakov

    We’ll Never Get Lost Again (Ukraine)
    Directed by Eugene Koshin

    Coexist (Iran)
    Directed by Komeil Soheili

    Superprize (Russia)
    Directed by Konstanine Chelidze

    Maradonna’s Legs (Germany)
    Directed by Firas Khoury

    MoonLight (South Korea)
    Directed by Du Jiachen

    Lottery (Bangladesh)
    Directed by Km Kanak

    Parvaz Mahiha (Iran)
    Directed by Mohammad Towrivarian

    Spring Days (Morocco)
    Directed by Imad Badi

    Long Distance (Israel)
    Directed by Or Sinai

    Mare Nostrum (Greece)
    Directed by Dimitris Anagnostou

    Silence of the River (Peru)
    Directed by Francesca Canepa

    Dispersion (Ukraine)
    Directed by Maria Saulko

    Soul River and Black Memories (Brazil)
    Directed by Taize Inácia, Thaynara Rezende

    Mountain-Themed Films Competition:

    K2 and the Invisible Footmen (Pakistan)
    Directed by Iara Lee

    Jurria– Guardians of the Pole (Spain)
    Directed by Pedro Cubiles

    Everest – The Hard Way (Slovakia)
    Directed by Pavol Barabas

    Good Lad (Georgia)
    Directed by Spartak Parjiani

    We Wanted to Kill All Nasty Ones (Germany)
    Directed by Bettina Ellerkam, Jörg Heitmann

    Northern Wind Can Be Warm (Russia)
    Directed by Aleksei Golovkov