PRODUCTION: Hungarian Feature Documentary Love Streams in Production

    Ágnes Soós Ágnes Soós

    BUDAPEST: Hungarian documentary filmmaker Ágnes Soós is currently shooting Love Stream (Szerelempatak), a look at searching for love in old age.

    The central figure is an elderly widowed man named Feri who wants to remarry. He happens to visit the women of a small Transylvanian village, where he butts his head against, and eventually finds, the real meaning of love. 

    Soós started to shoot the film two years ago. “I visited villages, because I had an idea about a 'fairy tale-documentary' story in which I could talk about the experience of love in what is an essentially disappearing peasant world. I started to film in Hungary, but then I realised I could only get what I really wanted in Transylvania,” she said.  

    The project is produced by the Love Stream LTD (Szerelempatak KFT) and is coproduced by HBO Hungary (www.hbo.hu) and the Hungarian National Film Fund (www.filmalap.hu).

    Soós plans to have the film finished by May 2013. The budget is 150,000 EUR, and the current running time is 70 minutes. 


    Szerelem Patak KFT,

    Phone: +36 20 9 124 704

    Email: c.art-online.hu

    Production Information:

    Producer:  Ágnes Soós

    Associate producers:  Ugrin Julianna,  Dorotha Roszkowska 

    Director: Ágnes Soós

    Script: Ágnes Soós

    DOP: Zoltán Lovassy, Ágnes Soós, Petróczy András