New Development Grants for Hungarian Films


    BUDAPEST: The Hungarian National Film Fund (www.mnf.hu) has awarded 29,750 EUR (8.5 m HUF) in development grants to four projects directed by JúliaSára, János Edelényi and Gábor Rohonyi, and Mónika Mécs. The fourth project does not have a director yet.

    The largest amount, 14,000 EUR (4 m HUF), went to The Carers / A nem ismert tartomány which will be directed by Edelényi and produced by Steve Bowden through Révai Digitális Kiadó Kft. 

    Sára’s Mamiko gyermekei produced by Gábor Garami through Cinema-Film Kft (www.cinemafilm.hu) received 5,250 EUR (1.5 m HUF). Gingko directed by Rohonyi and Mécs and produced by András Muhi through Inforg-M&M Film also received also 5,250 EUR (1.5 m HUF). The same amount went to Sole mio, produced by Bodzsár István through Unio Film (www.uniofilm.hu). There is no director attached to the project yet.


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