PRODUCTION: Palfi Free Fall in Fast Forward

    György Pálfi is already in production with Free Fall György Pálfi is already in production with Free Fall

    BUDAPEST: European Film Award winner György Pálfi (Hukkle, Taxidermia, Final Cut) is already in production with Free Fall, a film that originated from a concept in November 2013.

    Szabadesés (Free Fall) developed so rapidly that, after shooting in January, editing in February and post-production in March, the director plans to complete it by April 2014.

    With Piroska Molnár (Taxidermia, The Notebook) in the main role, Free Fall tells the story about a suicide who throws herself off the roof of a tower block. In the last moments of her life she looks into the windows she passes and gets to know the true stories of people living in the house.

    The cast also includes Réka Tenki, Zsolt Nagy, Zsolt Trill, Irén Bordán, Géza Hegedűs D. and Miklós Benedek. The director of photography is Gergely Pohárnok and the film is produced by KMH Film and POPFILM. Coproduction partners are JIF Festival (South Korea), SCIAPODE (France), VISIONTEAM and ORIGO FILM GROUP (Hungary).

    Free Fall will be released in Hungarian cinemas in September 2014.

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