Sweet Debut for Hungarian Romcom

    Megdönteni Hajnal Tímeát by Attila Herczeg Megdönteni Hajnal Tímeát by Attila Herczeg

    BUDAPEST: The romantic comedy What Ever Happened to Timi (Megdönteni Hajnal Tímeát) opened with the best domestic results of the last four years in Hungarian cinemas.

    The film (produced by MHT Produkció Kft.) had 34,300 admissions and a gross of 45.6 m HUF in its first weekend.

    The numbers are the best since the 2010 film Üvegtigris 3 by Péter Rudolf (48 000 admissions in the opening weekend). Covering the past one year period, the new movie knocked Dénes Orosz's Coming Out (produced by Unió film) from the top place. The gay comedy was released in December 2013 and reached 23,500 admissions.

    A romantic comedy and using strong and humorous language, Megdönteni Hajnal Tímeát (starring Andrea Osvárt, Kornél Simon and Simon Szabó, directed by Attila Herczeg) gained the respect of both the critics and the wider audience. The production the film was granted 227 m HUF (EUR 750,000) by Hungarian National Film Fund.

    Contact information:
    Producer: Gábor Ferenczy
    MHT Produkció Kft.

    1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 141. B ép.