PRODUCTION: Hungarian Director Csaba Vékes Shoots Sports Comedy Starring Dallas Star Patrick Duffy

    The Rebound by Csaba Vékes The Rebound by Csaba Vékes credit: Eszter Gordon

    BUDAPEST: Hungarian director/writer Csaba Vékes is currently in production with the sports comedy The Rebound / Lepattanó, which will premiere in September 2024. The film stars American actor Patrick Duffy, well-known for the Dallas TV series, alongside Hungarian actor Péter Scherer.

    The film is a fiction about a sectorball team in Hungary who receive a large amount of money by error from a billionaire who used to play real football. Patrick Duffy plays the billionaire and Péter Scherer is the leader of the team.

    “We chose Patrick Duffy in order to have a big contrast between the players and the patron. If you put a Hungarian actor in this role you will never get the kind of contrast that is already given by his former oil baron role from Dallas”, director Csaba Vékes told FNE.

    The director also said: “In this film we are portraying a group of common people who are obsessed with the sectorball game, which would normally not be that important for others. It can be funny and dramatic at the same time. The credit should go to the scriptwriter László Gönye for presenting this topic to me.”

    Peter Roskó is producing through Hungarian company Blue Duck Arts kft.

    Seventy percent of the project was funded by the National Film Institute - Hungary (NFI) with 850,000 EUR in 2023, and the remaining amount is covered by the Hungarian tax rebate.

    The total budget is approximately 1.21 m EUR.

    Тhe shooting period of 27 days will end on 12 October 2023 and all locations are in Hungary (Vác and Budapest).

    “In order to be authentic my actors were trained by a real player, Imre Horváth, who is seven times Hungarian and 13 times European champion”, Csaba Vékes added.

    The international distribution will be handled by the NFI World Sales.

    Production Information:

    The Rebound by Csaba Vékes, credit: Eszter GordonProducer:
    Blue Duck Arts Kft (Hungary)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Csaba Vékes
    Scriptwriters: László Gönye, Csaba Vékes
    DoP: Zoltán Dévényi
    Editor: Balázs Gotthárdi
    Composer: Márton Kovács
    Cast: Péter Scherer, Patrick Duffy, Dezső Derzsi, Andrea Waskovics, László Katona, Zsolt Fekete, Roland Rába, István Gyuricza, Ferenc Elek, Zoltán Mucsi, Andrea Petrik, Sándor Gáspár