PRODUCTION: Caroline Strubbe in Postproduction with Belgian/Dutch/Hungarian The Silent Treatment

    The Silent Treatment by Caroline Strubbe The Silent Treatment by Caroline Strubbe source: Minds Meet 2023, Kimke Desart & Diana Magdolna Kiss

    BUDAPEST: Belgian director/writer Caroline Strubbe is putting the final touches on her new project, the feature film The Silent Treatment, whose premiere is planned in the spring of 2024.

    Tess, an odd 18-year-old Belgian woman with Stockholm syndrome, stalks an introverted, forty something Szabolcs in Budapest. His girlfriend Andrea secretly tries to approach the young stalker in order to help her confront Szabolcs with her questions about her troubled past. Gradually all three of them discover to what extent this tragic background affects their current relationships and learn to reconcile their past.

    The cast includes Kimke Desart, Zoltan Miklos ‘Uldi’ Hajdu and Diana Magdolna Kiss.

    The Silent Treatment is the third feature film written and directed by Caroline Strubbe. This is the last part of the Lost Persons trilogy that started with Lost Persons Area (2009) and I’m the Same I’m an Other (2013).

    The Silent Treatment is produced by Tomas Leyers of Minds Meet (Belgium) in coproduction with Denis Vaslin  of Volya Films (the Netherlands) and Judit Stalter of Laokoon Filmgroup (Hungary), with support from the VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Film Fund), Screen Brussel, Minds Meet equity, GFW invest, Tax Shelter, NFF (the Netherlands Film Fund), LFF (Limburg Film Fund), the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the Hungarian Tax Rebate.        

    "This collaboration is fantastic with Caroline and her producers, Tomas Leyers - MindsMeet and the Voya Films from the Netherlands. It was a pleasure to be part of a production with a real Hungarian storyline, with Hungarian characters, and where Budapest can shape itself. One of the defining locations of our film is the justly famous Gellér Hotel, which we managed to capture with its original patina before its closure and complete renovation", Hungarian coproducer Judit Stalter told FNE.

    The total budget is 2,067,000 EUR.

    The film was shot from August 2021 to May 2023 in Budapest, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Production Information:

    Minds Meet (Belgium)

    Volya Films (the Netherlands)
    Laokoon Filmgroup (Hungary)

    Director: Caroline Strubbe
    Screenwriter: Caroline Strubbe
    DoP: David Williamson
    Sound : Marcel De Hoogd
    Editor : David Verdurme
    Cast : Kimke Desart, Zoltan Miklos ‘Uldi’ Hajdu, Diana Magdolna Kiss