PRODUCTION: Bernadette Mayer Shoots Hungarian Drama I Never See You

    I Never See You by Bernadette Mayer I Never See You by Bernadette Mayer credit: Karolina Kárász

    BUDAPEST: The Hungarian director/writer/DoP Bernadette Mayer is currently in production with her feature film I Never See You (working title) / Sose látlak. The project is a winner of the National Film Institute - Hungary’s Inkubator programme, which supports low budget debut features by young first time directors.

    Art teacher Krisztina gradually loses her eyesight as a complication of diabetes, which leads to a crisis not only in her own, but also in her son's life. Máté is confronted with Krisztina's condition after the birth of his first child. He tries his best to help his mother, but his life is slowly being torn apart by the increasingly clinging mother and his own family. Meanwhile, Krisztina is afraid of being alone in the dark. Bernadette Mayer and Zoltán Nagy penned the script.

    The cast includes Benett Vilmány, Anikó Für, Andrea Waskovics, István Znamenák and Szabolcs Hajdu.

    "My mother went blind when I was a teenager, and the two of us had to face all the consequences together. There's no point in sugar-coating it, blindness is one of the most horrible things that can happen to a person. I believe we can get through tragedy if we realise that there is human beauty and humour in this impossible situation. And noticing these happy moments is the greatest challenge in this situation. It is this duality that the film captures, a drama that can be laughed at from time to time”, Bernadette Mayer told FNE.

    I Never See You is produced by Hungarian Kino Alfa and coproduced by Hungarian Salamandra Film.

    The producers of the project are Genovéva Petrovits, Zsuzsanna Gyurin, Kristóf Sólyom and Csaba Oskó-Szabó.

    The project received financial support of approximately 315,000 EUR from the National Film Institute - Hungary.

    The shooting is taking place in Budapest. The film had 4 shooting days in early September, and from 21 November 16 until December 2023 it is being shot for another 18 days.

    Production Information:

    I Never See You by Bernadette Mayer, credit: Karolina KárászProducer:
    Kino Alfa (Hungary)
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    Salamandra Film (Hungary)

    Director: Bernadette Mayer
    Writers: Bernadette Mayer, Zoltán Nagy
    DoP: Eszter Csepeli
    Editor: Gábor Balla
    Cast: Benett Vilmány, Anikó Für, Andrea Waskovics, István Znamenák, Szabolcs Hajdu