Hungary's 2008 box office hit: 9 and ½ Dates

By Gyorgy Karpati
    Hungarian audiences fell in love with the Valentine's Day release 9 and ½ Dates (www.kilencesfelrandi.hu).

    The romantic comedy was the only Hungarian movie to sell over 100,000 admissions, Since February 14, the film reached admissions of 201,272 and box office of 696,000 euros, placing it in the top half of all theatrical releases in 2008.

    The film, with a budget 1.6 million euros, was produced by Next Station Productions (www.nextstation.hu) (producer Adam Nemenyi) and World Film Entertainment.

    Director Tamas Sas has a track record in the genre, with credits that include the hit romantic comedy S.O.S. Love!, and recently directed Espresso 10 Years the television series sequel to his 1998 directorial debut Espresso. Sas once more cast Ivan Fenyo, star of S.O.S. Love!, as the lead in the film.

    The story is about a handsome media playboy, former novelist, and confirmed bachelor who's afraid of any deep relation with women. Facing a financial crisis, he's cornered into accepting an urgent writing assignment: a book about why so many single girls are in Budapest. Facing him are ten days, ten dates... and the ensuing consequences.

    Distribution is handled by Budapest Film Zrt. (www.budapestfilm.hu) and the film is already available on DVD. The TV premier of the movie will be in 2009 in Hungary. Foreign sales are under negotiations.