Hungarian grants announced

By Gyorgy Karpati
    The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu). has awarded grants totaling €520,000 to 33 animation projects in 2009.

    The animation grants go to 12 projects from Hungarian Animation Film Studio Kecskemetfilm Ltd. and 13 episodes of a TV series from Academy Award nominated Geza M. Toth, who receives €46,000. The international co-production animation series Huhu by Alexei Alexeev receives €10,700.

    The Researching, Teaching, Experimental and Publishing Section has awarded €377,000 in grants to 48 projects, including experimental film projects from Ferenc Torok (Overnight, Moszkva Square), Janos Xantus (The Morel Boy, Eskimo Woman Feels Cold) and Marton Szirmai (Tripe and Onions, The Sinking Village).

    The Scientific and Educational section awarded €387,000 in grants to 28 projects. They include films from directors Gergely Fonyo, who receives €8,400, and Gyula Nemes who receives €11,000.