Latvian Animations Find International Sales

    When Apples Roll by Reinis Kalnaellis When Apples Roll by Reinis Kalnaellis

    RIGA: Latvian animations sell to Europe, Middle East and Russia.


    Latvian Film Studio Rija has signed in Cannes with HBO Europe, Middle Eastern Krisco Media as well as Russian company TAKT. The major television service acquired screening rights for Latvian director's Askolds Saulītis animation short film Clara & Rubinstein, meanwhile Russian TAKT signed for Reinis Kalnaellis' animated short film When Apples Roll (Kad āboli ripo). The Dubai based Krisco Media obtained screening rights for the Latvian, Luxembourger, Lithuanian and Danish co-produced animation feature The Golden Horse (Zelta zirgs), also directed by Reinis Kalnaellis, in collaboration with Lithuanian Valentas Askinis. The deal grants Krisco Media to screen the yet to be released in spring feature to screen in the whole Middle Eastern region as well as India.