PRODUCTION: Laila Pakalnina Working on a Latvian-Polish Coproduction


    RIGA: Acclaimed Latvian director Laila Pakalnina is shooting a period drama, Dawn (Ausma), produced by her own studio Hargla.

    Filming began in August. Dawn, a Latvian and Polish coproduction, is a tale of perplexity of values during the Soviet era when confused by different ideals and principles, father betrayed son and son betrayed father. The film is a harsh portrait of propaganda and its consequences as well as the danger of authority's manipulation with people's minds.

    The film crew consists of Polish cinematographer Wojciech Staron and internationally acclaimed New Riga Theater actors Vilis Daudzins and Liena Smukste as well as art director Jurgis Krasons. Dawn received state funding from Latvian Film Centre in April 2014 and was awarded 400,000 EUR, which was the largest grant attributed to a single project in the tender.

    Dawn, shot in black and white, has already completed some filming in Poland, as well as on locations in Latvia. The project is at the Venice Film Market and was presented at the Asian Film Market last fall.

    Pakalnina, one of the best known contemporary Latvian directors, has earned numerous accolades at international events, including a FIPRESCI jury prize at Cannes Film festival for her 1994 short film Ferry. Her 2003 feature The Python premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and her short film Water (2006) was screened at the Berlinale. Pakalnina is the only Latvian director working in such a fast pace, releasing at least one film every year.

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