Latvian Film Council Elects New President

    Latvian Film Council Elects New President Aija Bērziņa

    RIGA: Producer and head of the Latvian Film Producers association Aija Bērziņa has been elected as chairman of Latvian Film Council.

    Bērziņa, who is also CEO of production company Tasse Film, was elected head of Latvian Film Council by majority of organization's members' votes. Film Council consists of 11 members, including Dita Rietuma (director of National Film Centre of Latvia (NFC), producers Andrejs Ēķis and Jānis Kalējs as well as head of Latvian Filmmakers' Union Reinis Kalnaellis.

    The Latvian Film Council is an advisory institution, evaluating and planning the strategic perspectives of the local film industry in cultural, political, social as well as economical contexts.