Latvia to Double Film Distribution Grants nearly doubled


    RIGA: The Latvian Film Centre has nearly doubled the amount to be given in grants for local film promotion, to 40,000 EUR.

    The National Film Centre's recurring tender for local, NFC as well as Cultural Capital Foundation funded film distribution has seen growth in 2014. A total of 40,000 EUR will be split among at least three projects to support screening local films both in Latvia as well as Latvian communities abroad.

    As stated by Film Centre, this initiative's primary goal is to ensure the possibility of regular, systematical screenings for recent (2011 and newer) Latvian films, in order to promote their availability to the public.

    The distribution grants are aimed to financially ease the showcasing of Latvian films by covering the fees relative to rights, shipping of copies, venue rentals and promotion.

    The deadline for applications is set for 8 August 2014.