GRANTS: Latvian Film Centre Funds 15 Projects for Development


    RIGA: National Film Centre of Latvia has renewed the tender for project development support, after a six year break, an indication of the film industry's recovery after the financial crisis.

    One of the main aims of this grants is to back the development of new film projects, supporting aspects such as scriptwriting, thematic research, character development and cinematic visuality, to advance the variety of genres, themes and artistic styles in Latvian cinema.

    Altogether 35 projects were submitted and funding of 130,299 EUR was distributed among 6 feature films, 3 animations and 6 documentaries. The commission of experts, who evaluated the submitted projects, chose films with the potential of becoming popular among filmgoers. Latvian Film Centre said the most important aspects in evaluation of the contenders were the originality of their proposed ideas, projects' quality as well as topicality of story lines and team's capability of carrying it out technically.

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