PRODUCTION: Era of Dance Shooting

Era of Dance by Viktors Buda Era of Dance by Viktors Buda

RIGA: Viktors Buda and his team at VFS Films are shooting Era of Dance / Dejulaikmets, a music documentary on Rave, Dance and DJ cultures that bridged West Germany and the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, with Riga caught in the middle.

Era of Dance features exclusive video footage and interviews with pioneer DJs and producers, among others Indulis Bilzens, Ugis Polis, Evgeny Rudin, Westbam, Roberts Gobzins (Eastbam) and Janis Krauklis, the first vinyl DJ in the Soviet Union.

The film is produced by VFS Films and supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia and the State Culture Capital Foundation. Ritvars Bluka is the DoP. The national premiere is set for this autumn.

Preproduction began in 2012 and shooting started in March 2013 with a budget of 75,000 EUR. The final version is estimated to be 90-100 minutes long.



Production Information:
VFS Films
Lapu 17, Rīga LV1002, Latvia
Phone: +371 6750 3588
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Director / Scriptwriter: Viktors Buda
Cinematographer: Ritvars Bluka
Editor: Ritvars Bluka
Sound: Artis Dukaļskis
Producers: Uldis Cekulis, Elīna Karule