PRODUCTION: Ivars Tontegode shooting Knutification

Deviant by Ivars Tontegode Deviant by Ivars Tontegode

RIGA: Director Ivars Tontegode is shooting a biographical documentary feature Knutification/Nepareizais about the life of Knuts Skujenieks, a poet who survived the Soviet prison camps and was later to become one of the most influential figures in Latvian society. The film will be produced by Pomegrande Productions.

The film follows Knuts Skujenieks’s life through interviews with him and memories of his peers, emphasizing his rebellious relationship with the Soviet regime, which later cost him a prison sentence in a labour camp. Director Tontegode uses Skujenieks as a role model for every individual as well as the Latvian nation as a whole. His works have been translated into numerous languages.

The producers are still looking for new partners in both production and distribution. Production began in 2014 with a budget of 21,500 EUR. The premiere is scheduled for September 2015.

Production Information:
Pomegrande Productions
Kurzemes prospekts 16-27, Rīga LV1067, Latvia
Tel: +371 2667 8278
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Scriptwriter: Ivars Tontegode
Cinematographer: Jānis Reinfelds
Sound: Jevgēņijs Kobzevs
Producer: Krišjānis Kirilovs

Supported by:
National Film Centre of Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation
Local Municipality of Salaspils
Local Municipality of Ķekava