PRODUCTION: Aigars Grauba in Postproduction with 3m EUR Latvian Historical Drama The Pagan King

    The Pagan King by Aigars Grauba The Pagan King by Aigars Grauba

    RIGA: Director Aigars Grauba is currently in postproduction with English language historical drama The Pagan King, starring British actor James Blurr and Swedish actor Edvin Erre. Made with a budget of 3 m EUR, the film produced by Platforma Filma and supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia is one of the most expensive Latvian films to date.

    “With no doubt we can say that this is the biggest epic movie made in Latvia,” producer Kristians Alhimionoks from Platforma Filma told FNE. “We had more than 100 actors in fight and stunt scenes, all set in medieval times”, Alhimionoks also said. The film was shot in 90% at Cinevilla Studios.

    The script co-written by Aigars Grauba together with British novelist Max Kinnings is based on an old legend set in the 13th century. On his deathbed, the reigning king bestows power to an unexpected heir (Edvin Erre), who must find strength within himself to unite his people against violent crusades which threaten their freedom.

    The National Film Centre of Latvia contributed with 1 m EUR to the budget of 3 m EUR, and the rest came from Platforma Filma and sponsors.

    The film was shot from 2014 to 2017 and is set to be domestically released by Latvian Theatrical Distribution on 17 January 2018. German rights have already been bought by Ascot Elite Entertainment. No sales agent is attached to the project yet.

    Production Information:

    Platforma Filma
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    Director: Aigars Grauba
    Scriptwriters:  Aigars Grauba, Max Kinnings
    DoP: Valdis Celmiņš
    Cast: Edvin Endre, Dainis Grūbe, James Blurr, Aiste Diržiūte