Swingers See Lithuanian, Norwegian and Finnish Remakes

    Swingers by Andrejs Ekis (2016) Swingers by Andrejs Ekis (2016)

    RIGA: The comedy Swingers by Andrejs Ekis will have remakes in Lithuania, Norway and Finland. Latvia’s 2016 box office hit was already adapted by Platforma Filma in Estonia and the Ukraine in 2017. Andrejs Ekis, who directed the Estonian and Ukrainian remakes, will be directing the Norwegian remake.

    Producer Kristians Alhimionoks from Platforma Filma told FNE that the Lithuanian remake will be produced by Plaftorma Filma in coproduction with a local distributor, while the Norwegian and Finnish remakes will be produced by Plaftorma Filma in coproduction with local companies, whose names are yet to be announced.

    Swingers by Andrejs Ekis shooting (2016)“The movie was initially made with the intention to make it international. The key is to adapt the jokes for the local public and temper”, producer Kristians Alhimionoks from Platforma Filma  told FNE.

    The Estonian remake of the film was released by Apollo Cinemas in November 2017 with 62,000 admissions in two weeks’ time, while the Ukrainian remake is set for release on 1 January 2018.

    The original Latvian movie Swingers, a light comedy about building relationships, was released in 2016 and became a major hit with more than 100,000 admissions.