PRODUCTION: Šarūnas Bartas Shoots In The Dusk

    In the Dusk by Šarūnas Bartas In the Dusk by Šarūnas Bartas

    VILNIUS: The acclaimed Lithuanian director Šarūnas Bartas is currently shooting a new historical drama In The Dusk / Sutemose, focusing on the Lithuanian partisan war, which took place after WWII. The release of this Lithuanian/French/Serbian/Latvian/Czech/Portuguese coproduction is planned for the spring of 2020.

    In 1944, when the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania for the second time, approximately 30,000 of Lithuanian patriots joined their forces in the forests and fought against the occupation. The film will reveal their desperate fight.

    In The Dusk is produced by Šarūnas Bartas and Jurga Dikčiuvienė through Lithuania‘s Studio Kinema, in coproduction with France‘s Kino Elektron, Serbia's Biberche Productions, Latvia‘s Mistrus Media, Sirena Film from the Czech Republic and Portugal‘s Terratreme Filmes. 

    The project is supported so far by the Lithuanian Film Centre with a 650,000 EUR grant, Film Center Serbia with 100,387 EUR, the Czech Film Fund with 120,000 EUR, the Latvian Film Centre with 72,000 EUR and the FR/PT - CNC Support for the Coproduction of a Franco-Portuguese Cinematographic Project with 80,000 EUR.

    The budget is approximately 1.8 m EUR, Jurga Dikčiuvienė told FNE.

    Shooting started in December 2018 and it takes place only in Lithuania. The main cast includes Arvydas Dapšys, Marijus Elijas Martynenko, Salvijus Trepulis, Giedra Verbickaitė and Rytis Saldžius.

    Production Information:

    Studio Kinema (Lithuania)
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    In the Dusk by Šarūnas BartasCoproducers:
    Kinoelektron (France)
    Biberche Productions (Serbia)
    Mistrus Media (Latvia)
    Sirena Film (Czech Republic)
    Terratreme (Portugal)

    Director: Sharunas Bartas
    Scriptwriters: Sharunas Bartas, Aušra Giedraitytė
    DoP: Eitvydas Doškus
    Cast: Arvydas Dapšys, Marijus Elijas Martynenko, Salvijus Trepulis, Giedra Verbickaitė, Rytis Saldžius