PRODUCTION: Cecilie Mosli's Three Wishes for Cinderella Films in Lithuania


    VILNIUS. The award-winning Norwegian actress and TV director Cecilie Mosli (Emmy-winning Mammon and the TV series Thin Ice) will start shooting her feature film debut Three Wishes for Cinderella / Trys riešutėliai pelenei in Lithuania on 24 March 2021. The Norwegian/Lithuanian coproduction is made in partnership with Lithuanian producer Ramūnas Škikas of the production company Ahil.

    Three Wishes for Cinderella is a remake of the 1973 Czech/German classic, based on a script by Kamilla Krogsveen (Journey to the Christmas Star), Karsten Fullu (Captain Sabertooth & the Magic Diamond), Anna Bache-Wiig and Siv Rajendram Eliassen. The modern version gives a new dimension to the tale of a girl who has to break away from the tyrannical hold of her stepmother, by focusing on daring to believe in herself and the power of love.

    Cinderella (played by Norwegian pop music star Astrid Smeplass, best known as Astrid S), empowered by three magical hazelnuts, is able to break free from her cruel stepmother's tyranny and rescue the prince (Cengiz Al) from his gilded cage. The stepmother is played by Ellen Dorrit Petersen, and Thorbjørn Harr plays the king. Kristofer Hivju, known for his role in Game of Thrones, plays a servant.

    Three Wishes for Cinderella is produced by Frederick PN Howard and Kifrik Martin for Oslo-based Storm Films. The film has received support from the Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Film Kollektiv, the Norwegian Film Institute, Nordisk Film, European Union's Creative Europe - MEDIA programme and Sola Media, which is also handling world sales.

    According to Nordisk Film Institute, the film has a total budget of 3,751,384 EUR / 38 m NOK.

    The film is benefiting from the Lithuanian Film Centre's tax incentives scheme. It has received the qualifying certificate and can seek investment in Lithuania.

    Nordisk Film Distribution will handle the domestic release in November 2021.

    Production Information:

    Storm Films

    Ahil (Lithuania)

    Directed by Cecilie Mosli
    Screenwriters: Kamilla Krogsveen, Karsten  Fullu, Anna Bache-Wiig and Siv Rajendram Eliassen.
    Producers: Frederik PN Howard, Kifrik Martin
    Cast: Astrid Smeplass, Cengiz Al, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Thorbjørn Harr, Kristofer Hivju