FNE AV Innovation: A First Day-And-Date Release for Cutaway

    Little Gangster by Arne Toonen Little Gangster by Arne Toonen

    SKOPJE: Macedonia, Albania and Croatia had their first ever day-and-date release with the award-winning Dutch children's film Little Gangster by Arne Toonen. On 20 April 2017 it was released simultaneously in the cinemas and available on video on demand (VOD) through Cutaway, Tirana Film Institute and Radar.

    This release pattern and multi-territory releases are being handled by the project CutAway online and offline, with digital forms of distribution of the film in the Balkans coordinated by Cutaway. The aim is to screen the dubbed movie for children and to reach to wider audience using on-line and off-line distribution.

    “The MEDIA Desk in Macedonia was launched last year and for a very short period projects operating in Macedonia are recognised for their quality such as Cinesquare.net. This platform will be promoted within the Macedonian day on the stand of South East Europe at Cannes Film Festival,” the director of the Macedonian Film Agency Mimi Gjorgoska-Ilievska said.

    The film is represented by Cutaway for Macedonia, Radar for Croatia and Tirana Film Institute from Albania. The three dubbed versions of the film will be available for pay-per-view on the platform CineSquare.net supported by Eurimages and the Macedonian Film Agency.

    Since last year, Cutaway has been exploring a new release scheme, festival-to-date, which released the film Clean Hands simultaneously at CINEDAYS Festival of European Film and the Tirana International Film Festival and on the VOD Platform CineSquare.net.

    The project has won backing from the MEDIA Programme after a Call for Proposals for online distributionand from the Macedonian Film Agency.