FNE at Cannes: Macedonian Cinema in Cannes

By Macedonian Film Agency

    South-East European Pavilion - Village International Riviera N.134

    DIRECTIONS by Stephan Komandarev
    2017 | 103' | Color | Drama


    In the span of twenty-four hours, in a number of cabs in Sofia, the destiny of a group of people, ‘heroes’ of contemporary reality, are intertwined. The streets of Sofia and our national mindset through the eyes of drivers and clients as hope slowly creeps in - the hope that sometimes the death of one gives another a chance for a new life. These are stories about despair and hope, about escape, acceptance and revenge - stories about love and indifference, devotion and loneliness - connected by a radio show that poses questions but gives no answers.

    Produced by Argo Film Ltd (BG) Co-produced by Aktis FilmProduction UG (DE), Sektor Film (MK)

    FRI | May 26th | 11:00 | Debussy Hall
    FRI | May 26th | 16:30 | Debussy Hall

    MON | May 22nd | 11:30 | Olympia 9
    FRI | May 19th | 11:30 | Olympia 6

    WHEN THE DAY HAD NO NAME by Teona Strugar Mitevska
    Macedonia, Slovenia, Belgium | 2017 | 85' | Drama

    Milan and his best friend Petar are preparing for an adventurous excursion with some other teenagers from the outskirts of Skopje. They are full of adrenalin, pepped up for a boys' night out of drinking and horseplay before an early morning fishing expedition. They are typical teenagers full of sexual and romantic tensions and angst about money and material things. They are sometimes devilish and sometimes angelic; hungry to be adults, yet still mostly acting like children. They all have dysfunctional relationships with their parents, and they represent a whole generation of youth raised in a time of transition and questionable values. Their night of fun is tainted by ethnic tensions and a visit gone wrong to a teenaged prostitute...

    Produced by: Sisters and Brother Mitevski (MK) Coproduced by: Vertigo (SI), Entre Chien Et Loup (BE)

    FRI | May 19th | 17:30 | ARCADES 3

    SECRET INGREDIENT by Gjorce Stavrevski
    Macedonia, Greece | Post production | Drama

    An underpaid train mechanic steals marijuana from some mobsters and makes a space cake for his father to relieve his cancer pain. Suddenly he finds himself cornered by the criminals who want their drugs back and the nosy neighbours who want the recipe for the ‘healing’ cake.

    Produced by Fragment Film (MK) Co produced by Graal S.A. (GR)

    TUE | May 23rd | 12:00 | PALAIS G

    THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY by Vladimir Blazevski
    Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo | Post Production | Drama

    A mild political satire about a peculiar friendship between a lonesome monkey and an (impoverished) zoo warden, and about an upside-down world in transition as seen by a chimpanzee who succeeds in escaping from a zoo and becomes a rebellious hero in the cheerless environment of the Balkans...

    Produced by Punk Film (MK) Co produced by Kiselo Dete (RS), Strup (SI), Infinity (XK)

    WED | May 24th | 10:00 | PALAIS E