Citadella Plans Great Siege in Malta


    Citadella, a newcomer to the Malta film industry, plans a three-season, 24 episode coproduction with Canada, Germany and the U.K.

    The TV series, The Knights of Malta set during the period of the Great Siege, will have a total budget of 75m EUR, Citadella CEO Mario Philip Azzopardi said, according to the Times of Malta. The budget is to be secured through distribution and pre-sales. The executive producer is Fred Fuchs, and Canadian partner is Berkshire Axis Media, with a German distributor and a British TV partner expected to sign on.

    The project, which spent over a year in development, will go into preproduction in summer 2014 and will begin shooting in 2015.

    Citadella also recently announced that it will begin filming a TV pilot (as a coproduction between Malta and Canada) based on the apostle St. Paul at the end of November.