PRODUCTION: Wajda Attached to And There Was Love in the Ghetto

    Jolanta Dylewska Jolanta Dylewska

    Director/cinematographer Jolanta Dylewska is directing a documentary essay based on a book written by the Polish resistance commander Marek Edelman and Paula Sawicka, with Anna Wydra and the Polish company Otter Films (www.otterfilms.pl) producing. Andrzej Wajda is set to direct the fiction part of the film.

    The film is a Polish-German coproduction, with Germany’s Pallas Film (www.pallasfilm.com) coproducing.

    Shooting started in 2009, when Jolanta Dylewska was able to film Edelman, the leader of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, before he died.

    "It's not a film about the Holocaust, but a film about love, the most important human emotion," Wydra said at the Distribution Forum in Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (www.dokument-festival.cz). The film recreates love stories in the Warsaw ghetto recounted by Edelman.

    Three quarters of the 650,000 EUR budget are already in place. The project received grants from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl), the MEDIA Programme, MDM / Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung in Leipzig, and the Mazovia Film Fund (www.mff.mazovia.pl) which is coproducing. It also has a letter of interest from the Polish Television (www.tvp.pl).

    “Jolanta Dylewska wrote the script based on the book, and Agnieszka Holland wrote the fiction parts which will be directed by Andrzej Wajda, representing one-fourth of the whole film,” Wydra told FNE. “We are trying to get the rest of the money by the beginning of 2013 and then to shoot the rest of the film so it should be ready in 2013.” A complicated editing process will probably push the premiere to 2014.

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