PRODUCTION: Little Crushes in Production

    Little Crushes Little Crushes

    WARSAW: Independent Polish art-house production company Koi Studio is in production with its first fiction feature film Little Crushes (Małe stłuczki).

    The film is the second to be codirected by film editors Aleksandra Gowin and Ireneusz Grzyb. Agnieszka Dziedzic and Jakub Burakiewicz are producing for Koi Studio. The film is coproduced by Fixafilm Postproduction House. Little Crushes received a grant of 436,705 PLN (104,054 EUR) from the Polish Film Institute. The film’s budget is 990,983 PLN (236,123 EUR).

    Little Crushes tells the story of Kasia, Asia and Peter. The women live together and run a small business clearing out apartments when the owners move away or die. Peter, who recently left his wife and quit his job, finds himself in competition with Kasia for Asia’s affection.

    “The idea behind the project is to enable young talents to make their debut in the industry by creating a new, innovative approach to low-budget filmmaking. The story (script) and vision (direction) grow side-by-side with an understanding of the scale of the production,” Dziedzic told FNE. “Our ethic is can-do, so we don’t give in to straightforward negativity, but we regard it as a challenge to overcome. Regarding the plot, Little Crushes has already been called a Polish version of Sundance type films which is exactly where we are heading.” 

    The premiere is planned for 2014.



    Director: Aleksandra Gowin, Ireneusz Grzyb

    Director of Photography: Ita Zbroniec-Zajt

    Set Designer: Dorota Borkowska, Katarzyna Gołaszewska 

    Costiume designer: Ilona Urbańska - Grzyb

    Sound: Radosław Ochnio

    Production manager: Tomasz Morawski

    Line producer: Kamila Zawada

    Postproduction: Fixafilm: Wojciech Janio

    Colorist: Małgorzata Grzyb

    Cast: Agnieszka Pawełkiewicz, Anna Stela, Szymon Czacki


    Production Information:

    Koi Studio

    Producers: Agnieszka Dziedzic and Jakub Burakiewicz

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Phone: +48 605 164 104