Ada Smyk's Short Doc Backstage to Premiere Internationally at SXSW in Austin

    Backstage by Ada Smyk Backstage by Ada Smyk

    WARSAW: The short documentary Backstage by Ada Smyk, produced as part of the SFP First Documentary programme, has been selected for the competition of one of the most important and popular independent cinema festivals, SXSW in Austin. It will be the international premiere of the film.

    Ada Smyk, born 1996 in Lublin, is a director and screenwriter, a graduate of the College of Artes Liberales and the College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw. She was an assistant to director Łukasz Ronduda on the film Fears / Wszystkie nasze strachy (Serce, 2021). Currently, she is attending the DEVELOPMENT LAB programme at the Wajda School, where she is working on her full-length feature debut Domina. Backstage is her documentary feature debut produced by the Munk Studio. The executive producer of the film is KIKA. The doc was made as part of the First Documentary programme of the Polish Filmmakers Association, supported by the Polish Film Institute. The producers of the film are Ewa Jastrzębska and Jerzy Kapuściński. The author of the photos is Tobiasz Czołpiński, while the music is the work of the famous composer Tomasz Gąssowski. The Polish premiere of the film took place at the Youth and Film Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin.
    "Backstage is a story about the world of art shown from a different angle. It pays tribute to people we do not know or see, and without whom a work of art will not be created. Watching an opera performance, we see a stage, an orchestra, a conductor, ballet, a great set design, but we do not realise how many people work painstakingly on the stucco details, the elements and colour of the costume," says Jerzy Kapuściński, producer and artistic supervisor of the film. "Backstage refers to the Polish tradition of a short documentary that we know from the history of the Documentary Film Studio or WFO in Łódź. In the condensed form of a documentary impression, both image, sound and music play an important role," he adds.
    Production information:
    Director: Ada Smyk
    Screenwriter: Ada Smyk
    DoP: Tobiasz Czołpiński
    Music: Tomasz Gąssowski
    Producer: Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuściński
    Financing: Munk Studio, Polish Film Institute