Polish Filmmakers Association Announces 2022 Awards

    Polish Filmmakers Association Announces 2022 Awards copyright: SFP

    WARSAW: The Polish Filmmakers Association has announced its awards for 2022. The annual awards are handed out for outstanding artistic achievements and contribution to the development of Polish cinematography.

    The Polish Filmmakers Association Awards were established in 2007 to praise lifetime artistic achievements of film professionals with a strong contribution to the cinematography but who are not in the front line like film directors or actors.

    Winners of the Polish Filmmakers Association Awards 2022:

    Anna Adamek (make-up artist)
    Irena Strzalkowska (promoter of Polish cinema on the national and international arena)
    Janusz Kijowski (director, screenwriter, spiritus movens of the Film Studio. Karol Irzykowski)
    Leszek Kopec (director of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, producer, publisher)
    Richard Lenczewski (cinematographer, educator)
    Andrzej Halinski (stage designer)
    Maciej Karpinski (screenwriter, writer, educator)