Andrzej Muszyński to head ATM Grupa

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    WARSAW: One of Poland's largest production companies ATM Grupa S.A. selected Andrzej Muszyński as President of the Board at its General Meeting.

    Muszyński, a media an film expert, has been working in the media industry since 1992. For the last two years he has been the vice president of ATM Grupa (www.atmgrupa.pl). Since 2007 he has been the owner and president of a branded content company Aldentro (www.aldentro.pl). Muszyński replaces Tomasz Kurzewski.

    The board includes Maciej Grzywaczewski as vice president. Kurzewski and his wife still maintain a 40.02% stake in the company.

    "In 19 years of activity ATM Grupa had achieved a strong and stable position in the market of independent television and film producers in Poland. Currently ATM Grupa is a young and active team of managers that should be given a chance to spread their wings. That is why I am giving over the helm of the company, but I will still be participating in the development of ATM Grupa as a supervisor. I am sure that the new board, headed by a new president, will contribute to further successes of the company," Kurzewski said.

    Film and television producer, ATM Grupa is currently one of the most successful and fast developing companies on the Polish market. In the first quarter of 2011 the company had 1.44 million PLN ( EUR 359,000) of consolidated net profit, up from 0,93 million PLN in the first quarter of 2010. The consolidated income for the same period was 27.44 million PLN, an increase from 25.07 million PLN in 2010.