FNE at connecting cottbus 2016: Berliner


    COTTBUS: Romanian dynamic production company Mandragora and rising director Marian Crisan pitched Crisan’s political black comedy Berliner at connecting cottbus on 10 November 2016.

    Crisan, who already holds awards from Cannes and Locarno, wrote the script about a corrupt small town politician seeking to avoid prosecution by running for the European Parliament, which grants MPs immunity. In order to pass himself off as a man of the people, he moves in with a local farmer’s family, repeating John F. Kennedy’s infamous words: I am a Berliner. Along the way he genuinely begins to identify with the small town citizens, which makes his loss, engineered by party bosses back in the capital, all the more disappointing.

    Crisan told FNE that he has completed the English draft and the filmmakers are ready to apply for film funds. Berliner is his fourth film. Shooting will take place in spring 2018. The producers are targeting it for an international audience.

    The film has a budget of 995,000 m EUR. Producer Raluca Paduraru told FNE that 501,000 EUR is already in place through a production grant from the Romanian Film Center, pre-sale to HBO, private funding and funding from Mandragora. The film also has a Romanian distributor in place. The producers are seeking coproducers, TV partners and sales agents.

    Production Information:

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